Endless Space 2 - Penumbra| Umbral Choir's - Medium 01

Stevans robert render front


Stevans robert render back


Stevans robert medium1

High Poly

Stevans robert medium scale

Scale Reference - 1

Stevans robert scalerefall

Scale Reference - 2

Endless Space 2 - Umbral Choir - Medium Ship Timelapse

Stevans robert materials

Substance Designer Materials

Stevans robert s2

Title Screen

Endless Space 2 - Penumbra Prologue

From the Endless Space 2 Penumbra DLC new faction : The Umbral Choir.

Made with Blender, renders are made with EEVEE for the textured versions and Cycle for the Clay ones.

Concept by Sorane Mathieu: https://www.artstation.com/soranemathieu

March 26, 2019